What Additional Coverage is Included with Your Medical Liability Insurance?
As a medical liability insurance company that strives to meet the unique needs of physicians and their practice, MDAdvantage offers the following Supreme Advantage® claims-made coverages. They are automatically provided as one endorsement to each physician's medical professional liability policy providing a combined single limit of $50,000 (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Extended Reporting Period (Tail) Coverage
Two-year tail coverage will be available for purchase by physicians meeting existing death, disability and retirement (DDR) criteria.

To learn more about physician liability insurance and our complimentary coverage, please visit our FAQs section or call 888-355-5551.

Increased Limits

  • Insureds have the option to purchase increased limits above the $50,000 provided in the base coverage. There are five purchase options:
    • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    • Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    • Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI) ($1M limit each claim/$1M in aggregate)
    • Combined policy for Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI) and Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI) ($1M each claim/$1M aggregate)
    • All coverages (EPLI, PDSI and MPAI)

  • The coverage can be purchased for a corporation (group) or an individual. If purchased by a group, the limits are shared by all physicians (regardless of the number of physicians) acting on behalf of the corporation.

Broad Form EPLI Option

  • This option provides third-party coverage for actions by an insured against a non-employee.
  • Patient abuse, molestation and harassment are excluded; however, this coverage can be included for an additional premium.

Extended Reporting Period (Tail) Coverage (Excess Limits)

  • Subject to the Company's Discretion, tail coverage may be available for purchase. PDSI/MPAI tail coverage can be purchased for a one year period. EPLI tail coverage may be purchased for one, two or three year periods. The associated premium must be paid in full before the tail is issued.

Please visit our FAQs section for additional information or contact your broker should you require further information. If you do not have a broker, you may contact our Policyholder Services Department directly at 888-355-5551.