Medical Malpractice Insurance Designed to Provide Supreme Protection

As a leading physician insurance company, MDAdvantage understands that no two medical facilities are alike. From physicians working within a solo practice to a large-scale medical organization serving a high volume of patients each day, we recognize that your medical professional liability coverage needs are unique and we are proud to offer a range of options to best meet your demands.

The following medical liability insurance options reflect our understanding of the diverse needs of physicians:

Medical Professional Liability Coverage That You Can Trust

Every physician knows that they need medical professional liability coverage, but not all policies are the same. Medical malpractice insurance is not a "set it and forget it" item, as new areas of risk arise as a result of changes to the healthcare environment. MDAdvantage offers the support and coverage that you require for your practice.

Physician Liability Insurance and Beyond

Physician liability insurance services from MDAdvantage go beyond basic coverage, giving our policyholders an advantage when it comes to medical professional liability coverage. MDAdvantage works with a select group of brokers who are very knowledgeable about medical professional liability insurance and can assist with identifying the best type of insurance for your practice.

Included in all MDAdvantage medical professional liability coverage options is $50,000 of Supreme Advantage® coverage per physician, which provides protection against employment practices liability, data breaches, HIPAA violations, billing errors and RAC audits. This level of coverage adds an extra layer of protection for your practice at no additional cost.

While medical liability insurance plans protect against cases of malpractice, not all of them include coverage against employment practices liability, data breaches, HIPAA violations, billing errors, or RAC audits. Supreme Advantage® coverage is included with all medical liability insurance coverage through MDAdvantage (up to $50,000).

To learn more about our Supreme Advantage® Coverage, click here.

Please contact your broker for more information on which coverages are available in your particular situation. If you do not have a broker, you may contact our Policyholder Services Department directly at 888-355-5551.

Many healthcare providers choose professional medical malpractice insurance without looking closely at the policy, but that strategy can leave insurance policyholders open to claims that are not covered. MDAdvantage offers a range of coverage options to meet the specific needs of your practice.

  • Part-time Physician Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Corporate/Partnership Medical Professional Liability Coverage
  • Premises Liability
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Locum Tenens Coverage
  • Additional Supreme Advantage® coverage, including excess limits (available in NJ only)
  • Medical Professional Liability Coverage tailored for physicians employed by hospitals, healthcare systems or large groups

Please contact your broker for more information on which medical liability insurance coverage options are available in your particular situation. If you do not have a broker, you may contact our Policyholder Services Department directly at 888-355-5551.

MDAdvantage Claims Services-Reputation Matters

Obtaining physician malpractice insurance is a necessity and teaming up with an experienced medical professional liability company that offers claims services is just as critical. Our team of claim professionals individually average over 15 years of experience in the field and are known for building a strong defense.

Our Physician Malpractice Insurance Claim Services Include:

  • Aggressive and thorough claim investigation
    Our commitment is to safeguard the reputations of our medical liability insurance policyholders through aggressive and thorough claim investigation, with the goal of proactive resolution.
  • Close collaboration with a panel of top defense attorneys across the state
    As a leading medical liability insurance company, we have a proven track record in claims management services.
  • Strategic planning of defense strategy and selection of expert witnesses
  • Objective evaluation of trial testimony
  • Equitable resolution of claims warranting settlement

To report a claim to MDAdvantage, please call us at 888-355-5551.

Risk Management Designed to Work with Your Medical Liability Insurance

Reducing medical malpractice claims and professional liability risks is a top priority for healthcare providers and MDAdvantage is proud to partner with physicians and healthcare providers to minimize these ongoing risks. Our risk management team is made up of experienced professionals with medical and legal backgrounds, and we provide risk management resources to all of our healthcare providers.

The MDAdvantage Risk Management Incentive Plan

As part of our commitment to providing Value Beyond Insurance and in an effort to minimize liability, we offer a Risk Management Incentive Plan that offers premium discounts for implementing approved office systems and for participating in approved Risk Management Education activities.

Further Information

Prospective policyholders can obtain additional information on the available risk management products and services by contacting our Policyholder Services Department at 888-355-5551..

If you are currently one of our insured providers, you may also learn about our Risk Management Incentive Plan by signing in to your online account or by contacting Anita Dean in our Risk Management Department at 888-355-5551, ext. 1306.

MDAdvantage offers convenient premium financing options, including a 3-installment plan, a 5-installment plan, and a 12-installment plan, as well as online payment options.

Policyholders can now pay their premium online via credit card or e-check by logging in to the My Account secure site and clicking the PAYMENT INFORMATION link to access the Xpress-Pay service.

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To apply for medical professional liability coverage with MDAdvantage, complete and sign an Application for Professional Liability Insurance.

For questions related to obtaining an insurance policy, please contact your broker. If you do not have a broker, you may contact our Policyholder Services Department directly at 888-355-5551.

Physicians and practice managers who wish to learn more about each of the above services should contact their broker or MDAdvantage directly at 888-355-5551.